The hole

There were many holes around here. None are exciting and none are peculiar. Yet, the hole nearby that abandoned shed not too far from my house, was something else.

A dirt hole that goes straight down or at least I would assume so. My siblings and I threw a flashlight down there once, hoping to see something or at least know how deep it is. But, nothing. We saw nothing and heard nothing.

The adults in our life just told us not to go near there but beyond that, nothing really happened. No one paid any mind to the hole and nothing ever came out of the hole either. Yet, the hole has a secret to hide. Grandpa mentioned wormholes and how they allowed one to hop in and end up in a new place.

“What kind of place?” I naively asked.

“Well, the sort of place that a youngster like you isn’t prepared to go yet.” Grandpa chuckled.

“Have you gone to such a place?”

“Perhaps. But be wary of the consequences you’ll face if you ever choose to venture out into the unknown.” Grandpa smiled while sipping on his cup of coffee.

I used to think Grandpa was a kooky old man, who had way too many stories to tell. Some are more outlandish than others. But some are perhaps the reason why I grew up to be the person I am now. What am I chasing? What consequences will I face?