It’s there when I leave

I remembered what my grandpa told me; that more often than not, the silly shadows you see in the dark aren’t just silly things. One midsummer night, I saw it, the shadow emerged from the sleepy hallway.

Had I gone home earlier, would I have seen this? Has anyone else seen it? Aside from my grandpa, I had not known of anyone who knew about it. The station is fairly frequented by locals yet it seems as though this secret was never unraveled. Grandpa passed away some years ago. Among his belongings, this photo is one of the stranger ones. It answers naught; only presents more questions.

The shadow didn’t seem to approach me, rather it was moving in my direction but it never acknowledged my presence. Like a breeze, it passed me. I could feel the thumping of my heart as if it could burst at any moment. Yet nothing happened. The breeze came and went, its existence ceased.

Finding this photo, I can’t help but feel like I have seen it before.

It felt real. Is this simply deja-vu? Did I take this picture? But how could I forget about it? I remember the shadow and I remember as clear as day that I did not take this picture.

I’ll leave this photo here for your reference and hopefully, I’ll be able to find more clues from grandpa’s dusty record.

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