Process post – Transmedia Integration

In terms of planning for transmedia integration, I have no plans.

That is not to say that there aren’t any avenues for me to expand my content. Personally, I would integrate Youtube as part of the content experience. I write stories and I also enjoy experimenting with different mediums (probably because I am in Visual Arts).

For the niche I am pursuing, there are a lot of ways I can extend my content to. However, given that this blog is made for school, I’m burnt out from trying to find inspiration to create new artworks/stories. Now you might think “Why did I choose this format of story-telling then?” and you are correct in thinking that. I’m an idiot. But also one that wants to try my hands at doing something I am passionate about. It didn’t necessarily play out how I wanted it to be but there’s a lesson to be learned here: plan stuff ahead. Ironic that I say that but I do try whenever I can.

Other things that come to mind would be to post on platforms like Twitter or Tumblr in order to interact and reach the niche audience that I am targeting. I frequent Twitter often and the amount of art you get to see is insane. Which highlights a different problem regarding the algorithm. Social media platforms all have an algorithm that recommends who to follow or what’s new which often benefits the users more than the creators. If you’re an artist who doesn’t post frequently or posts obscure art, it’s much harder for people to find you. I fall into both of those categories so it’s definitely hard and discouraging me from posting.

So yeah, the ever-unending struggle. I don’t know why I always make it sounds foreboding at the end of my thoughts.