Process post (or brainstorming)

I was rather overwhelmed by having too many ideas and aesthetic preferences, surely enough. Looking up several tutorials and leaving knowing a smidgen more than I did before. Even now, I am still thoroughly confused about the many functions of WordPress. I feel like it could be more simplified in many ways, for example, being able to drag and drop my posts into certain pages rather than manually going through the back end of every folder to direct it where it needed to be. But it’s neither here and there, I just gotta learn along the way.

Aside from the confusion of learning a new tool, I have a direction (sort of, hopefully) of how I want my blog to look. Here are some reference pictures:

A landing page with a whimsical tone to it
I like the spacious feel it gives
For posts with images, I will go for something like this. A gallery view. Hovering over the pictures will reveal the post informations.
I like the weirdness of it. Mostly because the typography and content of this poster is very striking
The layout and the vintage look of it is what I am aiming for

Coming up with an idea that is executable as a website required me to look at so MANY websites to see what works, what I like about them, and how it would be achievable. High hopes or not, it is unavoidable how looking at some beautiful websites really make me want to create something of my own and make it really enticing and visually interesting.

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