Process Post – Editing

The joy of creating content and the dread of editing it. It always makes more sense in the first pass in my head but often what is actually presented is something ridiculous and unpolished. Grammar, sentence structures, stylistic choices, proofreading, etc. I could go on and on. However, it is a necessary process. Going back and reading what I wrote, I often think what was I thinking at that moment to write this?

Consistency is also something I won’t be able to always nail the first time around. My thoughts bounce around so chaotically that it’s a wonder that I could convey my thoughts sometimes. Especially writing something vague and obscured, such are my “Records”, they are purposefully written in a way that makes you wonder who is writing this, who are the people being mentioned here. Thus, editing that style of writing is somewhat different. I asked my friend to look at my website and read what I wrote. He thought that it was pretty cool but also strange in the way I write so he doesn’t know how to even change it.

In terms of content, I also plan the writing around my artwork as well. The accompanying visual would be the main element and then comes the writing which adds some context to it I guess. But writing is hard, and making artworks for said writing is even harder (at least for me). Does editing the artwork also counts? Probably. Photo manipulation or outright drawing something completely new also takes a lot of considering and time. I haven’t found the right work flow yet to simplify the process of writing and making art since I tend to just let it happen.