Process Post – Audience

My audience perhaps is those who enjoy mystery and horror fiction. Thus, I approach my posts in the narrative writing style so it might seem a bit more impersonal. But I am hoping to achieve nonlinear storytelling that is engaging and, ultimately, makes sense to the readers.

The website is simple, with the artwork “carrying” the website. Joking aside, it’s true. I made it this way in the hope my audience are those that love browsing art to find a piece that really captivates them. I love browsing Pinterest as the stepping stone to finding inspiration. I guess know how to perform as the audience more than I do the creator. But artworks want to be critiqued. But I don’t have a way for the audience to leave comments, how do I go about this? Honestly, I don’t know and perhaps, I just haven’t put many thoughts into hearing what others say.

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