Process post – Analytics

Analytics is always a boring subject to look at. Well, not always.

It’s an important part of growing a franchise and to know the who, the where and how many people are looking at your content. I set up analytics pretty late so unfortunately, there are no statistics that I could share about my website’s traffic.

In a way, I’m relieved. It would somehow be more worrisome if there were more than 20 people looking at my website. Where are they coming from? How do they get here? I guess in a way I’m not comfortable having school work be seen by strangers. I never thought about making revenue from this either as this blog I had in mind of something you come in and check the place out then leave thinking “Hey there’s something interesting here, I’ll come back later to check on their works.”

Moving forward, I might think about fully commercializing my content. In that case, analytics will be my friend. If I were to promote a product, I would need to gauge how many people are clicking on the link to check the product out as well as attention retention.