Peer Review #1


I’ll be reviewing Sarah’s website Sarah’s Self Care Journey today. I had a look through your website and it is very well made with a clear aesthetic choice. The menu is laid out nicely which makes it easily navigable. Your About section is well-written and really shows your motivations and the goal you’re trying to achieve with the website. 


The images also fits with the given aesthetic. However, I find it a bit jarring for the main profile picture of you a bit low-resolution compared to the stock images on the homepage. I think you could try replacing it with a high-resolution photo or make the image smaller so it wouldn’t be pixelated. I also don’t know if it’s necessary for you to include an About page separately when you already have it on your homepage. You have links on some of the highlighted names that I think you could also put them in the homepage About section too to avoid repetition.

There is also one minor typo where on the second image with the caption “Take my vitamins every day”, it’s titled as number 4 instead of 2. 

Maybe it’s a bit nitpicky but minor improvement can also be made here, where you could make it consistent in how you space the words after the period.


The posts are well-written but I think it feels a bit awkward to read. More specifically the way the columns of text are rather close to each other. I think instead of making two column side by side, you could make it run more horizontal.

                                               (Image credit Jessica Sepel)

Alternatively, you could also keep having two columns but I think you should have more spacing between the columns to give it more negative space. I believe that will make your posts easier to read, personally. 

Additionally, I see that you use line breaks to separate different posts but it’s missing between some posts. For example, between “PROCESS POST:MAPPING OUT MY SITE” and “MINI ASSIGNMENT #2”.

Those are some minor details that I observed that can be improved on, otherwise I think everything works fine.


In regards to accessibility, your website has achieve it. I can see a accessibility tool right on the homepage when I landed on it which is very useful. In referenced to Gaines’ The Four Principles of Accessibility, your website has all of the criteria. l

All in all, your website is very organized and your posts are engaging as well. I look forward to reading more of your postings. I’m not really the type to have an actual plan for self-care so it is interesting to read about how others process their routine and methods of taking care of themselves.

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