Peer Review #3


Vancouver Gems is a foodie blog with a simplistic format and layout. Looking through some of the food pictures included in the review makes me sad because I want to eat them all through the screen. Jokes aside, let’s dive into the peer review. 


Your homepage display all of your posts chronologically which is good, since you can see the most recent posts. You also use a monochromatic color scheme which I find a bit safe. But who am I to judge since I also use minimal colors as well. I find that the search button’s color is certainly more vibrant than the overall color palette which makes it feel odd. Perhaps it’s just me nit-picking but everything has a dark, muted green and then you have a search button that is lime yellow which makes it jarring. Not so much a flaw but might be something you want to consider if you want a more coherent palette. 

Post pages

The posts are well-structured and have a natural flow to them. However, I think that one thing you can improve is the spacing at the end of the posts. The end of all of your posts is crowded with texts of similar font sizes and line weights as well. It will add extra legibility and overall balance to your post’s aesthetic.

Another suggestion is in regard to your images. You have nice images but it would be even better if you can display them bigger and justified to the center. Not only will it be more appealing, but who doesn’t like looking at images? Especially images of food at a restaurant/cafe. You could experiment with a gallery featuring photos that link back to your review posts so people can click on what looks interesting. 


Foodie blogs are one of the most popular genres in terms of blogging. However, not everyone who blogs about food has the intention of advertising or wants to market themselves, but rather aims to just share opinions. I have some suggestions if you want to increase your appeal to a wider audience, you can experiment with more graphical elements on your website.

I believe that if you have a unique logo or more diverse fonts in the banner/menu, it would improve the user experience by grabbing their attention.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I think you have a good and simplistic food review blog but perhaps you could look at more ways to spice it up because I do enjoy your reviews. With some adjustments here and there and I think your website will be very enticing. It could even make my wallet fly away because I would be trying food at your recommendations!