Peer Review #2


What the Cat Said surprisingly isn’t about Catherine’s cat (mildly disappointing). Joking aside, your website is cohesive and minimalistic. The content reflects your interests in Computing Science and your witty humor shows as well. 


I feel like I don’t have much to say regarding your website but I’ll just give my observations. The logo is a nice touch with its boldness and the cat icon is super cute. The typefaces are consistent and complement each other. There is also a lack of color diversity, I would say, given that only the cat icon and the accessibility tool have bright colors. Not that this is bad in any way, the monochromatic aesthetic is simple and minimal but maybe you could play around and add a few more colors or icons here and there to make it more fun.

The navigation bar is the first obvious thing that set the expectation that this website is gonna be humorous. And an interesting choice is the fact that they end in commas! It’s not something I see often. 

Post pages

My favorite post would be You Can Do it Little Guy!! The humor really resonates with me and also the fact that I feel bad for your poor laptop. 

I guess the only thing that really bothers me is how tight it feels in how the posts are displayed. The title for each post is underlined to separate it from the content. But the dates have a similar size to the headings and the body paragraphs which makes it a bit visually cluttered. And perhaps you could add a little bit more space between each post to let them have room to breathe. The gap between the dates with the body paragraph and the gap between the body paragraph to the next heading is also really similar. 

And this is a minor thing but there’s a lack of the three dots after your heading in Peer Reviews. Nothing major but might be something you wanna fix to make everything the same across the board.


I see that you have the accessibility tool all set up and ready to go. You even have alt-text for your embedded images as well.

Mobile Site

I took a peak at your website on my phone, and shocker (to no one), it works. It retains the flow of your posts the same as on the desktop, so no complaints there. 

Final Thoughts

I think overall, your website is really polished, organized, and cohesive. I enjoy reading your blog posts a lot. A few adjustments to the spacing between posts and I think your website will be perfect!